WAD Mangle

Current Development Changelog


* - Change implemented.

? - Change in progress.


Last updated Sat Jul 9 23:46:02 2005 UTC
Changes since Version 1.1.1 to 2.0.0:

*	2.0.0 released.
*	Changed to using a normal Thread rather than a ThreadPool one to stop
	the (very) odd random lock up of the Progress Bar form.
*	Tightened up error handling when using of GraphicsNamespaceForm.
*	Added plugin for external tools.
*	Changed config so it's stored in files under ApplicationData.  Allows
	configuration to remain between installs, and also removes dependency
	on Registry for future non-Windows .NET environments.
*	Changed WadCollection events to match .NET standard mechanism.
*	Changed Binary plugin back to using "*.bin" rather than "*.*", as
	trying to save a file called LUMP.* is patently a recipe for disaster.
	And it ruined drag and drop.  Stupid change all round really!
*	Added editing of binary lumps.
*	Fixed usability bug where Listview calls SelectedIndexChanges multiple
	times for block selections by doing the sensible thing and only updating
	the context menu on a right click.
*	Fixed bug in DOOM graphics editor when entering the Y-offset manually.
*	Stopped lists from scrolling sideways in sprite editors and similar
*	Used new generic form for editing flats, sprites and ZDoom textures.
*	Added generic form for editing grpahics lumps wrapped in a namespace
	in the WAD.  Means there is some pollution of WADMangle.GUI with
	WADMangle.DOOM which I didn't really want, but heck the user control
	that edits DOOM graphics is already in there.
*	Added plugin for editing of S(S)_START/END sections for DOOM/ZDoom.
*	Added user control in WADMangle.GUI to edit DOOM graphics.
*	Allowed editing of old DOOM flats (F_START/END) sections.
*	Added doumentation for WADMangle.GUI as plugins are using it quite a
	bit now.
*	Fixed bug where a New empty lump was always created at the end of the
*	Updated major version number due to IPlugin changes.  IPlugin now allows
	plugins to define sub-menus.