WAD Mangle

WAD Mangle FAQ

What is a WAD?

The WAD file is a file format used by id Software for the game DOOM. The WAD file is simply a collection of directory entries (called lumps) that define game data.

What is a lump?

A lump is simply a directory entry in a WAD file, identified by a name that is up to 8 characters long. There is nothing special about a lump; it is simply a lump of binary data.

The important bit is the meaning that DOOM applies to certain lumps. For instance DOOM will search for a lump called called TITLEPIC when it starts up. On finding it it will draw the graphical data held in the lump, which you may have guessed, gets used for the title screen.

Likewise everything else used in the game is defined by specific lumps -- the textures, sprites, sounds, other graphics (like the status bar) and level data.

OK I'm lost. So, what's DOOM?

DOOM is an old game (more than 10 years old now), and was one of the first first-person shooters. For the time it was quite fantastic, and to be honest, is still quite fantastic. And yes, I probably should get out more.

So WAD Mangle can edit levels?

No. But it can help.

It is quite complex building a level for DOOM, and likewise manipulating the lumps to define new graphics is a similar (alright, quite a bit easier actually) operation. So there are separate tools, some geared towards editing levels, and others geared for the editing of other lumps in the WAD to do with the graphics, sound and so on.

If you are interested in designing levels, I can recommend CodeImp's Doom Builder, which is the easiest level builder I've used for DOOM and released under the GNU GPL. But then I am a simple soul.

So how can it help?

Say you've designed your fantastic new DOOM level, but wish to add some new textures and change some of sound effects.

That's where WAD Mangle comes in.