WAD Mangle

Tools & Thanks


The following tools were used developing WAD Mangle. If you wish to build or use the sources, life will be a lot easier with these...
.NET 1.1 SDK and HTML Help Workshop
.NET 1.1 is required to run to WAD Mangle. The HTML Help workshop was used to create the help pages.

This is a .NET IDE released under the GNU GPL, and is more than impressive.

This open source project allows the XML documentation from C# code to be output into a more readable form. It is used to generate the programmer documentation for the .NET assemblies that manipulate WAD files and define the plug-in architecture.

Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
This is an open source project used to generate the install executable.

Big Helps

The following are not required to use or develop WAD Mangle, but are a big help to developing and testing, and my thanks go to them for it.
ZDoom is an enhanced port of the DOOM sources released by id Software. The ZDoom site also has a very handy Wiki. While the Wiki is obviously centred around ZDoom it does include details on lump types used in the original DOOM.

CodeImp's Doom Builder
A DOOM Level editor released under the GNU GPL, and used during development to create test levels.